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Supreme Court Ruling technical in nature and does not change any of the issues for Eirgrid and their partners ESB

The critical issue of access to landowners’ property could not be assessed because access routes were never submitted for approval to An Bord Pleanála.

Continue February 20, 2019

North-South Interconnector planning approval quashed in Northern Ireland

The approval for the North-South Interconnector in Northern Ireland was quashed today at Belfast High Court, at the behest of the Department for Infrastructure in Northern Ireland. This is a golden opportunity for Government to adopt a policy of undergrounding if they want this ‘critical infrastructure’ ever to be established.

Continue February 9, 2019

North-South Interconnector: NEPPC calls on Commission for Regulation of Utilities and on European Commission to investigate unauthorised interference and non-compliance with the planning conditions.

Request for Eirgrid also to be investigated for facilitating ESB ownership of discharge of planning conditions .

Continue February 6, 2019

ESB proposals to blatantly breach planning conditions and ignore basic landowner rights demands Government action.

Unacceptable proposals unfairly put Local Authorities on front line for a project they never approved.

Continue February 6, 2019

North-South Interconnector: Incessant doomsday claims by Establishment of lights going out in Northern Ireland exposed as fiction

Key Points:
– It has been claimed for the last 12 years that the lights will go out in NI unless the North-South Interconnector (NSI) is built as a matter of urgency.
– The 2018 annual electricity generation report just published by Eirgrid and SONI shows a remarkable turn-around from a significant power deficit to a significant power surplus situation in NI for the next 10 years, even in highest forecasted demand situations.
– This significantly undermines the doomsday scenario claims for the need for the NSI and raises serious questions around the public being misled and the veracity of evidence given at various planning hearings and judicial cases.
– The DCCAE and its new Minister needs to take action and review its policy of unwavering and unquestioning support for Eirgrid, especially in relation to the North-South interconnector. The corruption of democracy requires political action.

Continue November 29, 2018

Open Letter to Minister Naughten: North-South Interconnector dead unless its buried

Dear Minister Naughten,

Over 20 months ago a majority of elected representatives in both the Dáil and Seanad voted in favour of an independent study to properly evaluate the real impacts of the North-South interconnector on real people living in Meath, Cavan, Monaghan, Armagh and Tyrone. After all, An Bord Pleanála itself conceded that there would be’ a significant impact on the amenity and enjoyment of c.600 properties falling within 500m of the development, with consequential long term, adverse effects for the individuals and families affected” for the Republic alone.

But you and your public servants decided to wilfully ignore the democratic process and instead doctored up a set of terms of reference for a study that expressly excluded either accepting or evaluating the massive negative impacts on real people

Continue October 7, 2018

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