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People Power defeats EirGrid Power ( Marian Harkin)

The power which communities working together could bring to bear on a threat to their well being was very effectively demonstrated in the decision of EirGrid to cancel the GridLink project.

This was the reaction of Independent MEP Marian Harkin when she praised the efforts of the many groups which had come together at community level to express opposition to what was an unnecessary threat to their well being.

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Invest Saved Grid Money in Undergrounding Cross Border Connector says Harkin

The €multi millions saved through the decision not to proceed with the GridLink project should now be committed to undergrounding the cross border interconnector. This was stated by Independent MEP Marian Harkin when she suggested that the needed cross border interconnector could be completed in far less time if the overhead cable proposals was taken out of the equation.

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Government claims that overhead N-S Interconnector will benefit residents highlights its contempt for rural communities

EirGrid N-S interconnector plans highlighted as key project by Government in its Capital Plan roll-out.

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NEPPC to call on elected representatives for a withdrawal of North-South interconnector application

This Thursday evening, 17th September, NEPPC is holding A ‘Political Solutions’ meeting in the Newgrange hotel at 8.30pm, where it will outline its recommendations for next actions, including a request to all sitting TDs that they call for the planning application to be withdrawn.

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NEPPC delivers over 1500 objections to ABP in huge message of solidarity against EirGrid’s plans

NEPPC lodged over 1500 objections on the last day for submissions (24th August) to An Bord Pleanála from concerned citizens across the North East, who wished to put on record their strong objection to EirGrid’s plans to plaster the landscape with pylons and overhead transmission lines.

Continue August 31, 2015

EirGrid planning resubmission a futile exercise which will ultimately fail

The definition of madness is to repeat the same actions but expect a different result. The decision by EirGrid to submit a similar planning application to the one it withdrew exactly 5 years ago (June 2010) is a classic example of arrogance, discrimination, lack of accountability and a contempt for genuine public concerns.

Continue June 9, 2015

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