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EirGrid statements on health and use of child images a disgrace

EirGrid has taken to the regional press and airwaves stating that there are no reasons to worry about your health in relation to the North-South Interconnector. Eirgrid has no expertise on this matter. It relies on bought in consultancy to support its claims.

Continue October 11, 2017

Grid West U-turn another nail in the credibility coffin for EirGrid

Why is the North-East the only region where Government TD’s have failed to stop pylons?

Continue September 26, 2017

EirGrid propaganda machine contradictory and dishonest

Claims of public acceptance being key are shallow words that will not fool the public in the North-East

Continue September 23, 2017

EirGrid action to design and produce 400 pylons distils North-South Interconnector into one simple public decision – dictatorship or democracy

EirGrid has now put out to tender the design and fabrication of 400 pylon towers, putting EirGrid and ESB on a clear path of direct conflict and confrontation with landowners and communities in the North-East.

Continue September 23, 2017

Belgium is building what Eirgrid said couldn’t be done – Tóibín

The ALEGrO Interconnector (connecting the Belgium and German electricity markets) will be similar to the North-South Interconnector in distance, capacity and function, but pivotally it will be underground. The experts in Belgium stated that undergrounding such an interconnector is both technically and financially feasible

Continue September 19, 2017

Sinn Féin fact finding mission to Brussels on North-South Interconnector yields significant findings and confirms undergrounding is both realistic and achievable

EirGrid’s attempts to scupper fruitful discussions and continued refusal to change position demands firm Government action

Continue September 19, 2017

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