NEPPC group to canvass against local Government TD’s for failing to represent the people of the North-East on the North-South Interconnector issue

November 21, 2015

Government complicit with EirGrid in discrimination of communities in North-East

 This week NEPPC is launching its campaign of active opposition to the re-election of existing Government TD’s in the Meath and Cavan-Monaghan constituencies, for their abysmal failure to represent the people of the North-East in relation to the North-South Interconnector project. The campaign will include a series of peaceful rallies outside all of the constituency offices from now until election day, door to door canvassing and a major public meeting 10 days before the election date. The first rally will take place outside the constituency office of deputy Damien English in Navan this Monday, 23rd November, at 10.30 am.

The political campaign is a response to the exasperation being felt by local communities, who have recently seen EirGrid perform complete U-turns on Grid Link and Grid West, but refuse to re-examine the North-South interconnector, further highlighting the lack of any political pressure being placed on the state company. This inconsistent and non-credible position has been met with nothing but a deafening silence from our Government representatives in the North-East, signalling strong Government support for EirGrid’s plans.

Eight of the 11 elected representatives in Meath/Cavan/Monaghan are Government TD’s. This project is planned to tear through the heart of these counties, yet there has been no collective stance or dissent from the TD’s. In fact, statements have been made that they will support the party line instead of the people they represent. They obviously feel comfortable that they can sit this one out and then blame An Bord Pleanála for the outcome of the planning application.

‘This campaign is now running close to 8 years. Patience is running very thin at local community level, when it comes to local Government TD’s making claims of supporting the campaign. Talk is cheap, achieving a result is a different story, stated Aimée Treacy, chairperson of NEPPC. We now have the ludicrous situation whereby EirGrid is reviewing its national grid strategy, but excluding the North-East, whilst our local Government TD’s sit idly by, tongue-tied and subservient to EirGrid and to their party whips. Let me make it clear that it is our intention that every member of the affected communities are made fully aware of how badly they have been let down, despite all of the great promises made in opposition’.

‘It is not too late for the Government to act. We yet again call on the Government to do 2 simple things – instruct EirGrid to withdraw its flawed application and establish an independent expert group to re-evaluate the practical options that are acceptable to the public’

 In parallel, NEPPC is calling on opposition parties and candidates to have clear party policy positions in place by the end of this year in relation to undergrounding the project, so that the public will have viable alternative candidates to consider for election. NEPPC will be making it very clear to the electorate what options exist when it holds a major public meeting 10 days before the election.

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