Damien English disrespectful behaviour at major public meeting

November 25, 2015

Letter sent to Mr Damien English Nov 25, 2015:

Mr Damien English TD
20 Watergate Street
County Meath

NEPPC Knightsbrook meeting 5th November

I am writing to you in relation to your unacceptable behaviour at the meeting in Knightsbrook on 5th November. I waited a couple of weeks in the hope that you would have had the manners or the manliness to issue an apology to our chairperson and to the NEPPC committee for your disrespectful behaviour.

For the record, all parties were originally invited to this meeting on the 9th October, and asked to answer 3 basic questions over a 5 minute time allocation. NEPPC received no response as to who would be representing FG until you called me at 8pm on the very night of the meeting, stating that Helen McEntee, TD, would be filling the slot. When the slot came you took it. I have looked at the video recording. You did not focus on answering the questions. You were indicated after 7 minutes to finish off your statements. At 8 minutes 44 seconds we had to ask you to sit down. We would not have had to ask you to do so if you did the same as every other speaker on the night.

But this is not the issue. The issue is that you later proceeded to heckle our chairperson by shouting ‘lies,lies,lies at her when she was stating that there were no pylons in Kildare Street, and you continued afterwards. At one stage she had to stop momentarily, because you were interrupting her so much.

I request that you send to her personally (c/o Brunswick, Retaine, Navan) and to the NEPPC committee a written apology for your unacceptable behaviour. If we do not receive any correspondence in the next two weeks I will assume it is not forthcoming.

Yours faithfully,

Padraig O’Reilly

Damien English disrespectful behaviour at major public meeting

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