High Court ruling challenges basic landowner and community rights

August 23, 2017

NEPPC to continue to pursue significant issues raised

High Court ruling August 2017

NEPPC is considering the 226 page judgment by Justice Max Barrett and will make a decision on appealing the case in due course. In the meantime it wishes to make the following comments:

  1. The campaign to underground the North-South interconnector is now in its 10th year. The High Court decision to uphold the An Bord Pleanála planning approval does not change any of the campaign plans, nor does it resolve any of the issues for EirGrid or for the current Government.
  2. The affected communities and landowners will continue to steadfastly reject the North-South interconnector in its current format because there is a viable alternative of undergrounding that eliminates the unacceptable health risks and environmental impacts of 400kV overhead lines.
  3. The case highlighted that access to landowner properties is not part of the planning application approval. Landowners should continue to remain vigilant and united in their opposition to allowing any access to their lands.
  4. The case also highlights the low ranking that landowners and affected communities receive in Infrastructure related planning applications. There is a need for political intervention and a practical political solution that respects basic human rights. EirGrid concedes that undergrounding is feasible, but is not being directed by Government to follow this option.
  5. It should be remembered that no approval has been obtained for the Northern Ireland section of the line at this stage, so the project remains stalled.


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