Open Letter to Minister Naughten – North-South Interconnector shambles

August 5, 2018

27 July 2018

North-South Interconnector shambles

Dear Minister Naughten,

NEPPC has been given sight of part of the huge and ongoing almost daily volume of correspondence and liaison between your civil servants and EirGrid on every minor detail of the project. Yet you have frequently stood up in the Dáil and stated that the North-South interconnector is an operational matter for EirGrid and you have no involvement. This is either patent nonsense or you don’t know what is going on in your own Department.

You also continually state that this project is crucial and critical strategic infrastructure for Ireland. If this is the case you cannot at the same time state that it is purely an operational matter for Eirgrid. It demands your direction and some decision making. This is part of your job.

Your Department is laziliy and willingly deferring to EirGrid on all matters.  You are being fooled by your own Department in terms of the quality and accuracy of the information being fed to you. Eirgrid is running the show. What is the purpose and function of the Department if it solely acting as a mouthpiece for EirGrid? EirGrid is writing Department press releases and even ensuring your Department is signing-off on EirGrid letters being sent to your fellow Minister.

And this is only the written correspondence that we have seen. Most of the correspondence from EirGrid to the Department starts or finishes with comments such as: ‘please give me a call if you require further information’; ‘Give me a bell if you need anything else’; ’Gents, this was done up here, might be worth having in the back pocket’.

One of the most alarming observations of the total correspondence is that there is not a single line reflecting the reality on the ground in terms of the depth of opposition to the project and the need for an alternative solution. None of landowner statements made to Eigrid personnel at mobile units or elsewhere are being communicated upwards. The correspondence shows that you are all living in a cocoon, convincing each other that progress is being made, all at the taxpayers’ expense for the last 10 years.

Let me make it clear on behalf of a few hundred landowners whom we represent – no entry, no access, no pylons. You need to come up with an alternative. Do your job Minister, earn your keep.


Aimée Treacy,

Chairperson, NEPPC


North-South Interconnector: Insidious, unhealthy and unacceptable cosy relationship between Department and EirGrid exposed

Open Letter to Minister Naughten – North-South Interconnector shambles August 5, 2018

EirGrid misleading docile DCCAE on critical technical matters related to the North-South Interconnector


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