Compensation study a joke

October 7, 2018

A so called economic study that makes absolute statements on health risks is beyond any credibility

The Government commissioned a so called study on compensation that nobody asked for. The consultants summary includes the following line:

‘Two conclusions are important. The first is that there is no scientific basis for a claim that transmission lines cause health problems.’

 This is factually incorrect and extremely misleading. It renders the report and its assumptions invalid and worthless.

It is interesting to note that in the last few months EirGrid has refresehed and updated its EMF propaganda. It remains equally misleading, but why focus on the health aspects just before the 2 Government studies were released?

Why is a technical study by technical experts, who claim that health risks is ‘out of scope’ nevertheless including a whole section on health risks/EMF?

Why is an economics study on compensation figures setting its stall out with a bald statement on health risks/EMF?

‘Methinks they doth protest too much’?

Could it be that there actually might be real health risks to be taken into account?

Could it be the reason why EirGrid has taken out public indemnity insurance specifically related to EMF’s to the tune of €10 million for any one occurrence?

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Government and EirGrid crafted study fails the taxpayer yet again

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