The North East Pylon Pressure committee commenting on the withdrawal of the EirGrid application

July 1, 2010

The EirGrid planning application, now withdrawn, was nothing short of a national disgrace. It demonstrated a complete lack of quality, was totally incompetent and was a woeful string of deficiencies, gaps and inadequacies. It can only be described as a total insult to the people of Ireland, especially those in the North East who have been put under enormous stress, worry and huge costs. The gross negligence of EirGrid was demonstrated time and time again during the Oral Hearing. The inaccurate heights of the pylons was only one of a multitude of mistakes and misinformation contained in their submissions.

If this is how a semi-state body uses the public’s tax money then it should be the subject of a full inquiry by an independent body to ensure it doesn’t happen again. EirGrid have wasted millions of Euro, insulted people’s intelligence, gave false information, were dishonest and when they are found out they simply walk away. They face no penalties and simply re-apply. It is a major scandal and should be investigated as a matter of urgency.

Under EU guidelines “effective public participation” must accompany major infrastructural projects. It is paramount that this must be provided when EirGrid re-submit and NEPP will do everything in its power to ensure that the people are provided with sufficient resources to continue to oppose this project.

Our public representatives must stand up for the people and demand that when this is re-submitted the public must be ensured that their full costs will be covered to enable us to properly oppose this grossly, misconceived plan to erect 167 giant pylons throughout the heartland of our country.

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