Eirgrid should learn the lesson of the East-West Interconnector

September 19, 2009

The speed and ease with which EirGrid has received planning approval for their proposed East / West interconnector under the Irish Sea should prompt them to re-appraise the approach to the interconnector project in the North East, the NEPP has said.

NEPP was commenting on the announcement that the Strategic Infrastructure Board (SIB) has given planning approval to EirGrid to construct a new high power electricity interconnector underground between Ireland and Wales.

A spokesperson for NEPP said: ‘It is significant that EirGrid have achieved planning approval for the East / West interconnector, without local opposition, only ten months after they applied for it. This compares with the two-year delay already on their proposed North / South interconnector before they’ve even applied for planning approval and their projected date for applying keeps getting pushed out. They admitted recently to county councillors that that they face interminable delays in the project because of people’s opposition to pylons on grounds of health, safety, environmental damage and decrease in property values.

The difference is because the East / West interconnector will be entirely underground all the way to Woodland in county Meath. If EirGrid dropped their proposal for giant pylons and ultra high voltage overhead lines and were prepared to use the safer, more efficient and cost effective alternative of underground cables, they could build their North / South interconnector on time and on budget.’

In our policy statement ‘A Powerful Challenge – a green grid for a green island’ NEPP calls for the setting up of an all-party Committee of TDs and Senators, following the successful example of Denmark, to totally re-evaluate policy on development of the electricity grid and to build a consensus of politicians and people in favour of underground. The projected downturn in the economy for the next eight to ten years gives us a welcome breathing space to allow time for a proper re-evaluation.

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North East Pylon Pressure

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