NEPP calls on Government to suspend EirGrid North-South Pylon plan pending investigation of true costs involved

November 6, 2013

Press Release

Nov 6, 2013

NEPP calls on Government to suspend EirGrid North-South Pylon plan pending investigation of true costs involved

North East Pylon Pressure (NEPP) has called on the Government to instruct EirGrid to halt its planning application process for the North-South interconnector pending a private industry cost analysis.

The request to Government was made at a Monster Wake-Up rally organised by NEPP in Trim Co. Meath last night (Nov 5, 2013). It was attended by approximately 1,000 people from all over Ireland who are potentially affected by the erection of huge electricity pylons by EirGrid.

Padraig O’Reilly of NEPP said that the public were being misled by EirGrid on the true cost of pylons versus the undergrounding option NEPP advocates. “They are deliberately leaving out such enormous cost factors as land devaluation,” he said. Independent land valuation expert Phillip Farrelly told the meeting that this would add some €200m-€250m to the cost of pylons.

Mr. O’Reilly called for an independent audit of EirGrid’s modus operandi specifically in relation to its:

• Refusal to objectively examine feasibility and cost of undergrounding
• Lack of accountability for the spending of taxpayers money
• Arrogant behaviour towards public consultation and information

Health concerns in relation to pylons is a major issue and Mr. O’Reilly called for a special investigation into the risks related to the existing 440kv Woodland to Moneypoint line as a matter of urgency.

NEPP has been inundated with requests for information from communities throughout Ireland who are threatened with enormous pylons in their areas and many of these were represented at last night’s meeting in Trim. They came from Swinford in Mayo, Wexford, Waterford, Cork, Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny and Laois.

Mr. O’Reilly proposed a national movement to unite all these groups in a common cause. “We face the same challenges, the same issues and the same EriGrid excuses,” he said. “We need to combine our resources and information, maximise people power, maximise political pressure, to utilise the best expertise available, and to learn from what happened in Denmark where undergrounding is now the norm.”

NEPP has suggested the national movement would be called SOUL-Supporting Our Underground Logic and a domain name has been secured. It is proposed to hold five national rallies between December and February, three major meetings on the Grid Link routes and two major meetings on the Grid West route.

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